Rare diseases separate us, our difficulty unite us.

The “Difficulty Tag” is the way that helps you in searching and finding other users in the community that deal with a specific aspect of a rare disease. Whatever that is.
Every tag describes a specific aspect of the disability. Tags are divided in 4 main sections: the impact on the everyday life  referred to Activities and Partecipation (AP), the Environmental Factors (EF), the Body Functions involved (BF) and the Body Structures involved (BS).
It is easy to associate some Difficulty Tags to your personal profile:
Select "Diagnosis and Difficulty Tags" after having inserted your personal details and activated your profile.
Pick the tags (1) that best describe your disease by dragging them one by one in the spaces below.
Drag every tag in the section that best describes its intensity. You can pick between “light”, “moderate” or“heavy”.
Do it again with all the tags you want.
To delete a tag click on the symbol [X] that will appear on the right of the tag you previously picked.